Starburst Granny Square Throw Blanket

Hello again!

This is going to be all about my first crochet blanket!

I created this project for mom. She asked me for a plain off white blanket, but I saw the sunburst granny square tutorial on a YouTube channel, and I couldn’t wait to try it

This link below is to the instructions that I followed to make this gorgeous project:

When I went looking for yarn I wasn’t sure which direction to go to, but I knew it had to be white because that’s what was requested. At first it was going to be completely white, but then a gold colored yarn caught my eye. That’s when color was added to the square. The colors of my yarn ended up being white, off white, aran from Red Heart Yarn.

My first attempt at adding color wasn’t that successful. It was a little off.

(Excuse my cat in the second photo)

When I finished that first square I realized that the color arrangement wasn’t popping as I would have liked it too, but I knew there had to be something I could do it make it pop out at you. So a co worker suggested to put the gold in the second round instead of the first. So, I tried it!

And she was right! To me the gold in the second round pops out way more than how I did it the first time, and it gave me the opportunity to work on my tension with the squares since I was struggling with it.

Eventually I had stacks upon stacks!

At this point I was excited to start stitching them together, and decided to use the single crochet method to bring them together. Which I had to go to YouTube to learn. The link  below is what I used, but any method would have worked.

I used the single crochet method, because I wanted a sturdier blanket. I’ve been worried about things falling apart since I started to crochet, so for me this method was what worked best for me.

I started attaching the rows horizontally, and decided to back later once all the squares were added to go down vertically. This made it kind of crazy to store because a few of the squares became tangled when I took the blanket out of a bag to add more squares; other than that it worked wonderfully!

My blanket is finally starting to take shape even though I’ve had to redo a few squares in the process because I made mistakes. It’s turning out wonderfully and I can’t wait until its finished! For now I’m going to take a break from it, and work on another project!

Hope you have a great day, and feel free to comment below!


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