Amigurumi Bird

In the midst of my granny square blanket I started to lose some of that fun aspect that I love about crochet. So I took charge and enrolled in another craftsy class!

Link to the class is below:

This class is my second that I’ve enrolled in at Craftsy. And the first project that Stacey takes you through is the bird! I decided to use the red yarn I had leftover from my carseat cover. I wished I had used some better quality yarn, but it saved me some money and it allowed me make mistakes.

Another reason I chose to do amigarumi is because I was so caught up on single crochet. I was struggling to figure it out, and with making this bird I finally feel comfortable with single crochet!

The hardest parts of making this bird were creating the magic circle to start off, and when I got towards the end of the project and I struggled with working in the correct loop. But after the second try and screwing up other rows with my scissors I finally fixed it on the second try!

During the video they show you two different ways to make the magic loop, but the camera was a little dogey so I went to you tube. The video I found was helpful and I referenced it several times through the project, because it made sense to me and I was able to recreate it!

The link to the video I used is below:



The first step to creating this bird is creating the beak, which was the easiest part, and it gives you the idea of how the other parts of creating this bird are going to be. I chose the color orange! (The only yellow yarn I had was a pastel off yellow color…)


This is the second wing I made! The wing was fun to create for me because you got to see the form come alive! But I didn’t leave my ends long enough to sew in later, so don’t make the same mistake I did!

When I finally got past making the beak and both of the wings when things got really exciting for me! I was excited about seeing the bird take shape, because this was my first project and I’d only completed the little parts of the bird. It took me only a few hours to get the body done overall, but I took breaks that lasted a few days so it took much longer. And even going along I didn’t need the video I basically followed the pattern until I needed to attach something.

Then when I got to the bottom part you have to go back and attach them wings. This part was extremely problematic, because the ends that I left were way to short and I had to add in yarn and cut off what I was working with on the body. In short, it was a headache. But I got some encouragement from others and I dealt with the problems I created with the short ends and finally got back to the body.

After I dealt with the ends I was finally able to come back to finishing up the body and stuffing it so it actually looked like a puffy bird. I struggled because I had to pick up a few places where I cut my yarn, and it was extremely frustrating. It took me two tries to get my bird looking perfect. The first time I worked in the wrong loop and the stitches looked totally opposite from the rest of the bird. This was when I cut it out. (Which lead to me cutting to many rows… oops!) So after getting back to the correct row, I finally picked up where I left off and was able to work in the correct loop leading to a beautiful looking bird!

After completing the bird I’d say my only complaint is the yarn that I used stuck to the stuffing. I’m not sure if this was because of my yarn or if my stitches weren’t tight enough. But in the end I just took a lint roller to it to get rid of all those strings on my bird.


This is my completed bird! I’ve very proud to call him my first amigarurmi. I sewed the wings on a little off because I had trouble seeing how the placement was, but he still looks pretty great!

Creating this bird has definitely been a learning process. I learned all about stuffing and using the eyes with safety backs. This project has opened up the door to many more possibles for me in the world of crochet. I may go back and use that pattern with a nicer brighter colored yarn! We’ll see! For now I have to focus on making the next project, which is a bear!

Have a wonderful day!


Betheny Lynn


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