Crochet Infant Bandeau Top *Free Pattern*

Good afternoon everyone!

Months back one of my close friends announced she was pregnant, and I started searching Raverly and Etsy to find the perfect outfit! I found a few contenders that were close to what I wanted, but couldn’t find one that had the tail and bandeau top that I wanted. So after much contemplation I decided on this pattern which is linked below:

(I highly recommend this pattern. It’s very easy to read and comes out beautiful <3)

I used the above pattern for the tail, but modified it a little in order to make it look brighter. Firstly I used a ribbon instead of a chain on the hips, as well as not adding the scalloped edging on the fin. For the headband I also used a half double crochet to match the top that I designed. The picture below is my finished product! If you’d like to see my pattern for the top I created keep reading.


Free crochet mermaid bandeau top below!

*Before I start this I started off on measurements I found online. So the top I tried to make about 16 inches so it would fit an infant up to a 3 month old. *

*The yarn I used was Red Heart Soft for my tail, and Caron Simply Soft for the bandeau*

Row 1: Ch 64, turn (If you want larger add chains until reached desired length in inches and add two chains; remember to consider that buttons will be placed on the on the fabric once complete.)

Row 2: HDC in 3rd hook, HDC in next 61 stchs, ch 2, turn: 62 stchs

Row 3: HDC in same stch, HDC in next 3 stchs, Ch 1, Skp 1 stch, HDC in next 58 stchs, ch 2, turn; 62 stchs

Row 4: HDC in blo in same stch, HDC in blo in next 61 stchs, chain 2, turn; 62 stchs

Row 5: HDC in same stch, HDC in next 61 stchs, ch 2, turn; 62 stchs

Row 6: HDC in blo in same stch, HDC  in next 57, ch 1, skpt next stch, HDC in blo in last 3 stchs, ch 2, turn; 61 stchs

Row 7: HDC in same stitch, HDC in next 61 stchs; 61 stchs fasten off.

  • Using embroidery thread sew buttons to right side up of fabric, I put mine 2-3 stitches from end.
  • Take longer piece of yarn and tie a knot around middle section. To begin you can weave the yarn into your fabric 3 times in order to get a better grip. Then wrap around 2 or 3 times, and knot off/sew in ends.
  • Add optional button to the center where you wrapped the yarn around the fabric, and sew in those ends to secure.


(Sorry I don’t have a better image.)

Above is the final result of my pattern! It’s up to you to add or decrease the amount of rows that you’d like on your bandeau. You can can also add straps to keep it from slipping, if you choose.


This is the first pattern I’ve ever created so I hope you enjoy it! I’ll update with edits as I find them! ❤

Have a great day!

Betheny Lynn




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