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My Path to Social Work and Becoming an Army Wife

This month is about to be extremely stressful! We have so much going on! The biggest thing being our first PCS move together! I moved myself and our two pets alone the first time, so I’m crossing my fingers this move will be less stressful but you never know! Then after we’ve moved I’ll be starting my second to last semester at Arizona State University, where I’m going for my bachelors in Community Advocacy and Social Policy.

Going back to late 2015, I want to say, I had just transferred to Ferris State University in Michigan where I’m originally from. Which is a pretty popular college from the area that I’m from, and a few of my friends have graduated from there. But I had transferred there and was deciding on which major to pick. I was struggling to pick between psychology and sociology, and by some bizarre coincidence I was able to talk to the head of the department for Social Work. After talking to her I knew 100% that was what I was meant to do in life.

Earlier in life my father struggled with depression, and after I battled my demons in my teen years I knew that I wanted to help people. Especially since I had some pretty amazing teachers in high school who I knew I could count on. This lead me to want to help save one person, now I’d just like to be there to help as many people as I possibly can. But as an angsty teen saving one person was the one thing that I wanted to do. Social Work sounded like the perfect mix of psychology and sociology that I needed in order to help and save people. The chance to make a difference in so many peoples lives gives my life so much meaning, and I honestly can’t wait for the challenge.

So over the next year, in 2016, I breezed through all of the requirement courses, and this was when my now husband was talking about joining the Army. I had just finished the last of my requirements to apply to the program, and was getting ready for candidacy. Over the summer I completed my internship, and that was my final “class” at Ferris State University.

Because after that a few weeks later I went into full on wedding planning mode, when I went down to Florida to find my wedding dress with my mom. She told me to find an online school because that’s what she had done, and it was wonderful for her career. I wasn’t ready to give up considering the life threatening amount of debt I had, as well as that I was SO close to finishing my degree.

Leaving Ferris was really hard, but it was also a relief. I had to drive 2 hours a day there and back for classes in my super old car. I really grew to love and appreciate the professors and some of my classmates. The experience was eye opening, but it wasn’t practical to complete my degree there since they told me I’d have 2 more years of classes to take to graduate. Living that far from my husband for that long was not something either of us were willing to do just for school, when online was a realistic option.

But after an exhaustive search I found the Community Advocacy and Social Policy degree, and ironically on my flight back to Michigan with my dress. It’s not “technically” a social work degree, but it’s an offshoot and I plan on getting my masters in Social Work. So I wasn’t going to split hairs when a 100% online Social Work programs aren’t very common as of yet, understandably.

I applied, and got in… after stressing out for a week or two! After I married my dream man and he left for BCT and then later on I moved down to Florida to be closer to my mom. Once I was in Florida I basically had to order my books because because classes started that week, much like the situation that I have going on this month!

Looking back it all seems like a blur. We had waited so long to find out when my husband would be able to leave for the Army, and then we finally got a date which was a month away! Then I was in classes and finally it felt like I was making head way in finally having a bachelors degree. Life in 2016 was definitely a ride, but it has lead to so many amazing things for our future together

If you’d like to read all about our magical wedding day I’ve wrote all about it in 45 Days to Plan My Wedding

Much Love,

Betheny Lynn


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