Growing out My Pixie Cut Twice

This month will be 4 months since I last got a trim on my hair! I am very proud that I’ve stuck with the process this long, even though It’s reaching very annoying lengths.  It’s finally reaching a point where the back is feathering out, not quite a mullet. But soon, that will probably be the case!

The first time I got a pixie cut was back in September 2015, and it was a pretty risky cut. I had decided to go for it since Miley Cyrus was growing hers out so it seemed safe. Which looking back makes zero sense. But I was IN LOVE! I felt so confident with this hair cut, and my hair was super healthy since all of the faded damaged parts were effectively cut off.


The first time around I got it cut 3 times and had highlights put in twice. I was so in love with my pixie! It gave me amazing confidence, and I felt like it fit my face really well. But our wedding was coming up and I tried to want to rock the pixie! I just couldn’t and I really wanted princess long hair, so I had decided to grow it out as quickly as I could before my wedding. This was where it got murky, and I really hated my hair when I was letting it grow out. It grew out for a month or two and my roots were really bad, because of the highlights, and because of that I had it colored back to a brown hair color.

                  (Fabulous dork Alert!)

My old salon did an amazing job of making my hair look pretty when I was growing out. It grew pretty fast even though I was getting it trimmed probably every 6 weeks. The ultimate goal was to be able to get it long enough so I could get clip in hair extensions in my hair for the wedding, which we achieved!


(This was about a weekend before the wedding, and it was about shoulder length here)

After we got married I just let my hair grow for months and didn’t really touch it minus getting some bangs. About 4 months later I colored it back to a medium neutral brown so I could put in my hair extensions, since my hair is naturally a light ash brown. Around this time my hair was finally touching my shoulders.


My hair was pretty long at this point, but the length was beginning to bug me. It was rubbing on my neck, and I was not about to style it. So I was looking for shorter haircuts, and came across pixie cuts again! And although I don’t regret it I really do since it took forever to grow it out the first time. I was finally making progress, and I should of just gotten a trim or gotten my bangs fixed.

Right before my husbands BCT graduation I wanted my bangs trimmed up so I went to my nearby Walmart smart style (BIG MISTAKE!). I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience with getting a cheaper hair cut until I sat in that woman’s chair.  The stylist ruined my bangs and ended up having to get them trimmed twice. I’m glad I don’t have a picture of that, because it was pretty embarrassing for me. My bangs had grown out a little since that and I decided to take the plunge again and get a pixie!


(Yes I love plaid!)

The first pixie I wasn’t impressed with because it wasn’t close to what I showed the stylist, but my hair felt a lot healthier and I could deal with it. There was nothing that some hair paste couldn’t fix with that cut. And even though my hair was healthier I still ended up buying a tub of bleach inspired by Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence, ironically. And I pretty much went from a pretty brunette to a scary white haired 26 year old. In order to put something back into my hair I ended up purchasing some light blonde color in order to get that Miley look, but it turned out much warmer than I liked on myself.


In the picture above I finally had the cut that I wanted! I had a one inch side cut. But it did not look good on me in my opinion. I still wasn’t happy, and I was starting to miss my brown hair. This was the point that I started letting my hair grow out the second time around. I probably would of kept the blond at this point, but my hair was so damaged that I didn’t want to put my effort into it. So I decided to put color back into my hair next month. Keep in my mind the bleaching was the only time I did more than one process on my hair in a month. I generally only do one process on my hair a month if I’m going to do it.


Purple hair!!! This was a total accident. I took a risk by not getting a red filler for my hair when I put a burgundy plum brunette color over the blonde. But it’s OK. It was pretty funny and emotionally exhausting to find myself at another hair road block. Everyone loved this hair color on me! My husband even loved it when I faded it out. That was the most surprising thing that came from the purple hair. Apparently I can pull it off decently well! It almost made me consider keeping it, almost but not quite. Since I was on a roll for making some pretty bad hair mistakes and decisions I bought a box color of medium neutral brown. I decided to play with fire at this point, because nothing was going to bring me to tears after going purple.


Finally, my hair was mostly brown again! My roots were a dark red when I first colored them. And I planned on fading them out, but the red has dulled and it’s really hard to notice since I first colored my hair. If I really wanted to get rid of it I would, but my hair has already been through so much and that would just make it grow slower since it’s already damaged.

It’ll be 4 months in about 10 days since got my last pixie cut/trim! And I’m still holding up pretty strong! I’m not 100% sure if anything I’ve been doing to help it grow is working because I’ve colored it so much. But there’s definitely been a good amount of growth. Some of things I’ve been doing have been more of the natural route. But I haven’t stuck with anything for longer than 2 weeks either because I got lazy. Below is a list of things I’ve done. Taking vitamins is the only thing that I’ve done consistently, besides the soaks that I’ll do for two weeks then stop for a few weeks then start again.

  • Taking a Multivitamin, 10,000 mcg Biotin, Primerose Oil Vitamins
  • Coconut Oil Soak
    • Added Castor Oil
    • Added Olive Oil
    • Added Egg
    • Added Honey
  • Hair pulling
  • Scalp massages while showering
    • And before bed with a little oil

Technically I’m taking the primerose oil because I’m closing on in on my 30’s and since getting off birth control I was looking to be more healthy. Primerose oil seemed like a great vitamin to add to my diet, and as a plus people have seen hair growth while taking it. Looking at the list I feel really pathetic knowing I’ve tried so many things, and none of it probably helped the growth. I will say that I do feel like the soaks has helped for some part with my irritated scalp from all the process, as well as helped slightly with soothing out how rough my hair was.

After I did the first soak with the egg and honey I felt like my hair had grown, but I have a feeling that it was because my hair was air drying during the day. I normally go to bed after I wash my hair so it sticks up in random places, when I wake up in the morning. I’m a hot mess in the morning! So now I believe it’s been roughly 2 years since my first pixie cut, and I’m currently entering the mullet phase. But I’m hoping to hold out on any cuts until December!


(This was after the first egg soak and I was convinced it had grown like an inch, but clearly it was just laying flat for once.)

So there you have it! I’m currently and regrettably growing out my pixie again. If you have a pixie I have the utmost respect for you. I just am way to low maintenance to keep up with all the cutting to keep it pretty. At this point I don’t wear much makeup as you’ve seen in my pictures. I’m trying to wear more to perk myself up, but you can only go so far with a low maintenance woman. I’m lucky my hair didn’t fall out from all the hell I put it through the second time, but it’s definitely been a fun journey while I have the luxury to play around with my hair. I’m crossing my fingers for a bob by December since my honeymoon will in January or soon after then.

Thanks for sticking around after all my dorky selfies! xo

Much Love,

Betheny Lynn






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