My Hair Care Routine

Good afternoon everyone!

Hope your weekend is going wonderfully! My last post I talked about growing out my pixie hair cut for the second time, and I really enjoyed writing that so I decided to follow up with my hair care routine. Normally when I’m not trying to grow my hair out quickly my routine is very random and I’ll just use whatever product I find at the store. I’ve purchased salon quality products before and didn’t see that much of a difference in my hair, and the cost wasn’t worth it the long run for me.

Currently my hair is pretty damaged currently and is pixie length. I’m in the process of growing it out,  but it’s above ear length and has a few layers of different color on it. If you’d like to read all about that you can read that on Growing out My Pixie Cut Twice. But I’m doing my best to just let it grow as well as giving it as much moisture as I possibly can to help battle the dry scalp I’m dealing with from all the bleach.

In the shower I’ve been using the OGX line for a few years and even my husband has taking a big liking to line, and asks me to get the argon oil of morocco when we have to replace or shampoo or conditioner.  We’ve tried a handful of them and loved everyone we’ve tried, but the kukui oil. That one was bit much for us and gave us both acne in our hair, and that was pretty painful. If I ever repurchased that one I’d probably use it once a week, because the zits was the only downside to using it. Currently I’m using the coconut milk line,  because I’ve heard amazing things about it for nourishing hair. I haven’t been able to get my hands on the coconut miracle oil, but I’ll definitely be trying that next!

Occasionally I’ll go through periods when I don’t wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner everyday. When I do this I’ll just rinse my hair with really cold water after I’ve finished my shower. I’ve heard that it helps with hair growth, but my scalp gets irritated if I don’t wash it enough so I can never manage to go very long. But I do enjoy rinsing with cold water. It feels amazing on my scalp and face since the hot water is so drying.

Once I’m out of the shower I towel dry my hair, and I always use a leave in conditioner. My hair is really thin, but I have a lot of it. It feels almost impossible to brush my hair out if I don’t put something in it. Currently I’m using the Ion Miracle Leave In Conditioner. I purchased this one right before I bleached my hair and it really helped my scalp. My scalp was on fire after I over processed it with bleach and this stuff really helped soothe my scalp. I was having to keep my hair wet and reapplying this stuff, because when my hair was dry my head hurt, and it physically hurt to touch my head. Thank goodness I’m not dealing with that anymore, and the dryness is all I have to deal with from the bleach.

After I’ve applied my leave in conditioner I comb out the tangles with a plastic wide tooth comb. I purchased mine at my local sallys beauty. Then I always let my hair air dry. In the mornings if I don’t workout that day or my scalp needs some moisture I’ll take some oil that I bought for my hair extensions and I’ll massage my scalp and coat the back of my head. Since I bleached my hair the back of my head has a really difficult time retaining moisture and this has helped a lot with that.

As for styling goes, lately I don’t really do anything with it. I’m beginning to enter the mullet stage, and I’m feeling pretty frumpy about it. So I don’t put much styling product in it. If I do something with my hair it’s normally pinning my bangs back or putting a headband in. Sometimes when I’m home I’ll even pin my mini mullet up, because hair on my neck is something I just cannot stand haha!

I’ve linked all the products that I’m currently using below: ❤

OGX Cocount Milk Shampoo

Ion Leave in Conditioner

Garnier Marvelous Oil

De-tangling Comb

If you have any suggestions for products that either help repair or help with growth I’m all ears! Please let me know in the comments!

Betheny Lynn ❤





2 thoughts on “My Hair Care Routine”

  1. The thin hair struggle is real. So I got my hair done recently, and my hairdresser was also a thin haired lady like ourselves. She suggested use the shampoo on the scalp only, not to take it to the ends of the hair. She also suggested to keep the conditioner more towards the ends to lock the moisture. She also stressed to use actual conditioner and not a cream rinse.

    I haven’t heard about the cold water rinses helping promote hair growth… I may have to try this.

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    1. Ive heard of that helping! I’ve tried doing that with my pixie and it didn’t really work and my whole head ended up getting washed anyway haha! Thanks for the tips! 🙂 Yeah cold rinses help keep the good oil on your hair since hot water strips your hair. I hope I’m saying that right!


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