Welcome to Splendidly Betheny!


My name is Betheny Lynn and this is my growing blog all about crafts and lifestyle. Most of my crafts are going to focus on my personal favorite craft which is crochet! Later on I might try branching out into knitting and embroidery!

I’ve decided to start this blog because a lot of people around me told me that they loved the things I was making, and I wanted to share my journey through expressing myself. I plan on branching off into pattern writing and this is where I plan on experimenting in that.

As for me, I’ve always considered myself as a creative individual or someone who strives to express myself. As a teenager I went through a long phase of writing poetry and short stories to express myself. And for awhile I even got into painting and doing grid drawing. Even though I don’t do any of that anymore I still love expressing myself though crochet, and it’s been something of a rediscovery for me to see myself as a creative individual. When I become an adult and responsibilities built upon me I  forgot that part of myself, and when I figured out crochet it opened up the flood gates.


Outside of this blog I’m currently a social work student and due to graduate in 2018! I was married to my wonderful partner in August 2017, so now I’m learning the ropes of being an Army wife. Together we have two fur babies!

IMG_20170330_155743 IMG_20170122_104634

Much Love,

Betheny Lynn ❤




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